Friday, April 30, 2010


Today, apparently, was our school's 84th aniversary! Therefore, the school planned for all 400 some kids to walk like, 3 miles to a park in another town for a picnic. First though, we got the traditional talk from the principal and were then subjected to an hour long presentation from some organization where we watched a short animated movie about a young boy disrespecting nature and then later being attacked by an umbrella, a cabbage, a fish he had killed earlier in the movie, and walking grass... finally, we all donned our taisoufuku (gym uniform), grabbed our lunches and left.
As always, I wish I had taken more pictures...the procession of students was cool looking but eh.
A majority of the walk was along a highway and past a sea of wheat. It was actually really beautiful... except for the occasional roadkill. Everyone I was with walked soooo slowly so we could see students from our school more than a mile away as specks in the distance...

It was pretty ridiculous though because we got to the park, ate, cleaned up, then left... the park was so awesome though and had this hill covered in like, green felt where you could slide down on provided plastic blue sleds...there was also a hiking trail looking thing so I'm definitely planning on going back in the next few weeks so I'll take pictures of the mountains and stuff then.

Two of my friends :3


  1. Hey, Caroline, this is your second cousin Lucy. I'm proud of you! You sound like you are navigating your way thru one test after another. Personally, I would like to see you doing pushups for archery club.

    Hang in there! I was in Chicago last weekend and had a fun visit with your parents. And slept in your bed!
    Love, Lucy XX 00

  2. Hi Lucy!
    Well I'm sort of out of the push up stage because apparently I built up enough muscle to almost draw the bowstring... But I'll take a picture of the first years suffering :)
    Oh yeah! I heard...Ahh I miss my mattress....