Sunday, February 28, 2010


Also, a few days ago I attended the online webinar where the returnees said it is a good idea to bring along a small notebook for notes and people's names so that you don't forget them and offend people later.
They also recommended getting this DS game called "Kanji sonomama"
Apparently it is like a kanji dictionary but it also allows you to write. They said it was very useful when they went so I'm thinking about getting it...


Yesterday in the mail, I got a large envelope from AFS. Inside was a sort of booklet thing with all the information on my family! On the back page were a whole bunch of pictures of them. They all look really cool and there were pictures of the grandparents too because apparently they live nearby.
My host mother is an English teacher and my host father works for a construction company. I am sort of worried that my host mother will use English and I'll have to explain not to....
There were also these little check boxes where the family checked what characteristics they thought applied to them. On mine, two of the boxes they checked along with some others were: Conservative/ traditional and strict....Ahh Now I'm worried!
My host sister doesn't live in Japan so besides my host parents it will be just me and my two host brothers..Getting used to living with two brothers should be interesting!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ahh, even though everyone always says: "Carolyn, your so lucky, I would kill to go!" I am realizing the hard way that even though this is great and all, I'm really REALLY going to miss everyone here....a lot.....

Host Family!!

YAY! I FINALLY got a host family!! Last night I got an email from AFS saying that I had been placed in Kashima- shi in Saga- ken. I have five people in my family: Two brothers (one 3 years older, one 4 years younger) One sister (6 years older) a host mom and dad, and a dog!!!! I am also going to be attending Kashima Jitsugyou high school. I looked it up a little bit. Apparently it is famous for the Yuutoku Inari shrine and borders the Ariake sea. Anyways, it looks beautiful and I am very satisfied because I did not really want to get put near Tokyo... =)I found some random pictures on google...Of course I'll take my own when i get there