Saturday, April 24, 2010

AFS meeting

Today, we had a meeting between the four AFS students and the AFS staff for Saga prefecture. My host mom was the only host parent there. It was a little awkward...especially when the LP asked how we liked our host families...there was eye contact between my host mom and me as I answered that everything is great. Everything is pretty good...we've had our disagreements but overall it's good.

Anyways, the meeting was in Saga city. Saga is a smaller city...but still a nice little busy city. Kashima, on the other hand, has nothing. Being from intercity Chicago myself, I was relieved to see a large amount of people together at once. It almost made me sort of depressed when I saw all the shops but eh, I'll get used to the quiet life yet, and Saga is only a 1300円 train ride away on weekends. As I said, there are 4 AFS students in Saga. Me and my friend Matthew are the only Americans. The other two are girls, one from Quebec.. the other from.....heh, I don't remember... When I spotted Matthew in the mall where the doughnut shop we were meeting (yep)was located I was sooo happy. Soon after the other two came. We were all sooo happy to see eachother. Let me tell you, you think you're going to want complete immersion and the attention of being the only exchange students but a month away from other english speakers is really hard and we all didn't want to leave at the end... luckily, we meet once a month and we have a AFS party in Nagasaki next week! There were a lot of funny stories and the doughnuts were awesome....I admit... I ate four *dies*

It ends up that 3 of us all joined Kyuudou and Matthew had just gotten back from the Kyuudou match that I was *cough* too busy to attend.

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