Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back on the bus and plane

After the hostel we were all put back on a bus where they gave us some bread and sent us to the airport. Driving through Osaka was really interesting.. It's a really cool city. After getting off the bus we stood outside a long time getting all the luggage together. Then, we all sat around on the roof of the airport which was sort of like a little park. They had a furniture store in the airport, for some reason. Finally, the AFS staff left us and we went through security. No one got stopped for anything major. The celings were soooo low, Probably only about 7 feet high. We were half way to our gates when we realised that we had left one of the girls so we had to run back. Finally, we got on a bus and went to our plane...which was tiny. At the end of the flight I couldn't even hear from the pressure.

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