Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Excursion #1

Ok, so sometimes I may have pictures that aren't of anything particulary significant... but I would hate to just leave them on my computer without every posting them so I will call these random excursions. This first one is from a few days ago when I was walking around with my host mother and we just found a temple (temples/shrines are everywhere). It's not famous and I'll probably see a whole lot more of them later but I'll upload the pictures anyways for anyone who just wants to browse them.

Random Buddhist temple in Ureshino (famous for its hot springs!)

At the entrance of most temples and shrines there are guardians on either side of the doorway. The first one on the right says "Ah" while the left one says "mm". "Ah" is the sound made when breathing in like your first breath of life when you are born. "mm" is the sound made when breathing out... the sound made as you exhale your last breath as you die. It's beginning and end.

A turtle biting stuff

A different shrine... Before you pray you have to wash your hands and mouth (mouth is optional)


  1. That looks so beautiful! Thanks for posting regualrly, I appreciate it so much, I'll be arriving for my exchange in Japan in Late August :)

  2. I'm glad that it's helping someone :)
    I wish you luck!!!! I'm sure you'll have a great time ^^