Friday, April 9, 2010

Why you should always do your chores.

Yesterday, my host mom told me this horrible story about cockroaches (gokiburi) and the 5 inch spiders that come to eat them. She told me that this very minute they are all hiding around us but only come out when no one is around and crawl over everything... that the bugs roam free over everything. Pretty much the moral of this chilling tale is that I should always put away my dishes, never eat in my room, and vacuum often or else I'll be overrun by every type of over sized Japanese bug imaginable. After the first few gasps of terror, I realised that this was probably some exaggerated story to scare me into submission. However, I will perform my chores diligently, just on the off chance that I may turn on my light to see a scene out of National Geographic as a softball sized, hairy spider eats an equally over sized cockroach....


  1. Oh trust me, she ain't lying. This happened to me while I was in Japan. In my room!! Seriously I had a hard time going to sleep, cause I was afraid a cockroach would crawl on me. They're HUGE!! Literally.

  2. Now my worst nightmare has been confirmed D':