Friday, April 9, 2010


Ok, so this is the first time I've been able to blog this week... On Tuesday was my first day at school. I pretty much sat around in the teacher's room a majority of the time until I had to do an introduction speech to all the teachers. Of course, I completely raced through it out of nerves but eh. Both my homeroom teachers are amazingly nice and they showed me my homeroom, etc while we waited for the dreaded whole school speech. While I waited, the nice American English teacher from Boston talked to me and gave me a nice. After waiting around for about 2 hours, I was called to the P.E. building. I waited outside until they flung the doors open and I walked in. About 430 faces looked up and stared at me with their mouths open as I took the longest walk of my life up to the front of the ranks of students. There, I was given a defective microphone and commenced my speech... Again too fast, by the way. At the end I had to take that long walk again to the back of the row that was my class. Just then, there was a break in the assembly and I was completely surrounded by about 20 girls all speaking in broken English. I remembered what the English teacher had told me earlier about boys being super shy in Japan so I wasn't surprised when only one boy waved at me from across the gym.
The next day, like the first day, was another half day. We pretty much hung out in the gym for a long time while they painstakingly checked every single students' uniform. My skirt was too short and my nails were too long...ugh. Anyways, I suddenly hear noise behind me and turn around to see a group of boys choking over my name (it's hard to say in Japanese because of the 'r' and 'l'). This is where I met Kazuya. Kazuya is really short. "" for the rest of this week I would be called over with "KYARORIN" and asked really random questions like, do I like breakfast? or Do I have a boyfriend? Come to think of it, I don't even think this kid is in my class....
Anyways, he was calling me over and I turned to my friends and said, "Waa kowai" which means "Ahh scary" in Japanese. He was immediately told that I had called him scary and hasn't talked to me since soooo... yeah.. I guess I'm going to have to patch it up on Monday. Today was the first full day and I spent most of it sitting in the library since everyone else was taking a test. The librarian is so nice and she asked me if I was cold about 20 times. Afterwards, we all went to the gym to have a physical exam which pretty much consisted of getting our weight, height, and upper body length measured and then we had a vision test in the classroom. Apparently my results for everything were pretty good so yay.
This was soo long but so much has happened in the past week!

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  1. you speak japanese everyday? no english?
    what about the lesson? in japanese?