Sunday, May 16, 2010

Partying in Ogi

Wow, I've already posted like, four things today but here it goes before this gets too old: Last week we had an AFS party in...uh, Ogi. There was so much good food and we all just stood around and talked and attempted to play the piano. There was supposed to be a talent show but somehow all three of us American and this French guy got out of it (we met up with the exchange students from Nagasaki too.) Knowing I had run out of money, I went of to the cookie table, looked around all shady-like and dumped about 20 cookies into my bag. It sounds bad but it ended up being a joke between my LP and me later (the party was at her house). In case I didn't mention it before an LP is the person who looks after the exchange students in your little area or 'chapter'. It was so fun that we ended up not leaving until 10:30 pm!
All of the host families came and a lot of volunteers.

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