Sunday, May 16, 2010

Candy :D (ame)

I have not even made a dent in the tons and tons of awesome looking candy that the Japanese have but here are two that I have really enjoyed so far:

This is called ao ringo...(I guess?) It's the kanji for blue and then apple but it's green apple....whatever, the point is, it comes in both cherry and green apple flavor. It's not that it's the most delicious thing ever...I just love it for the way you eat it and the taste. It's not a very strong taste and it's not even that sweet. They are like chewy little waxy...squares. The little pack comes with a toothpick and you spear them and eat them. :D

The other one I have a picture of is called neri ame. It's really cool because it's an extemely thick goop that you can play around with before you eat it (though I admit I got tired of it and just ate it straight up after a while.)

It comes in a little container. You pour it on two sticks and knead it around with them untill it has an opaque quality and then you eat it....yeah, it's that thick my hands started to hurt halfway through the container.

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