Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Eating soba at the temple

So, there's this old artist who works with metal and lives down the street from us and last weekend he was all like, "Hey! Let's go eat soba out of Japanese pottery at a temple"....so off we went.
First, after driving up a mountain, we went into the main building where we met this family that live up there and make the pottery... They were selling things but I didn't buy anything :(

All of this stuff is called "Bizen-Yaki" and is a clay made out of a course dirt, apparently.

Suddenly, my 10 year old host brother called me over to see THIS:

........ Yeah, we had a pretty good laugh too.

Afterwards they served us all soba noodles and we sat and looked out at the town below, which pretty much just consisted of wheat fields and a few houses, but it was really beautiful all the same.

Next, we went to go look at the kilns that the temple owners make pottery in... There were two really large ovens and the two little kids who lived there just ran all over the place.


It was a pretty awesome day.

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