Saturday, June 5, 2010

Annual Kashima Gatalympics

Ok, so this actually happened a few weeks ago but I have been sooo busy that I haven't posted anything. Every year my city, Kashima, holds a day full of mud sports. Since Kashima is right on the bay of the "Ariake Sea" there are huge stretches of mud flats all along the shore. We were too late to sign up, which sucked. Me and the 3 other exchange students from Kashima all went, but only stayed 10 minutes since it started raining like crazy almost immediately. There were a lot of foreigners there visiting and participating.

Instead, we all ended up hanging out at this super boring mall that was really nothing more than a grocery shop/target like store. However, as we were walking through the LITTLE KIDS' TOY SECTION...we found these :D Fireworks!
Yes, those are toddler toys at the bottom of the last picture..
...They sold a lot of strange things, now that I think back....

Then we all went to eat ramen....The end
I'll post more later...


  1. Hi Carolyn! I came by your blog after looking at the AFS site. My name is Monica. I'm fifteen years old in Freshman year, living in Maine, U.S.A. Pleased to meet you! Just to let you know, I've been reading your entries and laughing pretty hard at the fireworks in the children's section, along with the 'engrish' and the (scented car hanger? o.o;)

    I myself have been wanting to study abroad in Japan in a few years, however, I need to come up with ways to make money. So far I've decided that I'll save up all my allowance, get a job, and sell my artwork. Even then, I don't think I'll have enough. |D (I want to keep the financial burden off my parents as much as possible, because I am not an only child. I have three younger siblings.) I might have to do the good ol' 'red paper clip' project.

    However, reading your blog makes me smile. I'm so glad you're having a good experience in Japan!

    I look forward to your posts!


  2. Hey Monica!
    Hehe I'm glad your reading :D....
    (lol yeah, scented car hanger)
    Anyways, I can't give a lot of advice for fundraising except that AFS offers like, 3 scholarships and financial aide...I got a portion of my trip paid for even though my family isn't eligible for the aide...
    And, I didn't want to do this in the beginning but I ended up getting a lot of money by just going on my mom's email and begging all of her contacts for money xD

    Hang in there :D