Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Tokyo

Yay! After a 12 hour flight (super cramped) we finally made it to Tokyo at 4pm.. We transfered money, took advantage of the cool vending machines, and talked about our orientations (mine is in Osaka). Afterwards, we got on a bus and came to the Nikko hotel in Tokyo. The rooms were pretty cool and I took a lot of pictures (the tub had a TV and the toilet sprayed water, etc)! We had a sort of stale dinner, however, we got to talk to other students from all over the world (ex: I talked to people from Korea, Spain, Australia, Chile, and Costa Rica)
Tomorrow we have to wake up at 5am to get ready to take 6 hour bus rides to our orientation sites.

As you can tell it was cold and rainy when we arrived


  1. awww you're in japan...and i found your blog...haha :) i hope you're having loads of fun ya know with t.v.'s in the tub and all :D

  2. farrell- u gotta stay away from those spraying toilets, they're dangerous