Saturday, June 13, 2015

Concert (laibu)

Unpublished post 1:

"Laibu" is the word for "concert" in Japanese (live). During late summer my host brother, who is on the 6th grade soccer team, received 3 tickets from his coach to go see a laibu in which he was playing guitar for a local band. The tickets had a ¥1000 value each and allowed you to get into a restaurant down the street from our house where various bands would be playing music all day from 10am to 8pm.

We all walked down together at around 11:30, just in time to catch the end of a group of elderly people belting out traditional songs. Traditional wasn't all that was on the schedule, though. There was also rock, pop, eisa (okinawan music), enka, and a few other types of music that either I don't remember or never knew in the first place.

Two of my friends standing outside the concert

One of the great things about the whole concept was that people just let loose and danced. All of the old people were up dancing and all of the young people were up being forced to dance.

Update (6/14/15): From this laibu I discovered a great song that I still listen to to this day. I cannot find the version I like on youtube or even by searching for it on Google, in fact I think the only place I was able to find it was the Japanese iTunes, if anyone wants it please email me at (I know, I know I have had this email since 6th grade) but it is an Okinawan lullaby called, "Warabigami" and the version that I like best is by a group called The TiDA

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