Monday, October 5, 2009


My name is Carolyn and I am attempting to go abroad to Japan this March for a year with AFS!!!
For a career I really want to be in international business (maybe as an interpreter).Overall, however, I really think that going abroad in high school would be pretty amazing.....
From going abroad I hope to gain maturity (I admit, I need some work). I also hope to overcome any shyness I have in meeting new people, gain language skills, have fun, open my mind, make new friends, etc, etc. In a nearby suburb where I live there is also a large Japanese population. When I get back maybe I can help out at nursing home....In fact, I thought about going before but I was worried I would not have enough vocabulary to actually speak to the people. It is HORRIBLE because whenever I attempt to speak any Japanese I get scared and freeze up :( Sooo, That is something else I am hoping to overcome.....
As you may be able to mother is very nervous for me to leave and she asks me if "Are sure you want to do this?" EVERYDAY!!! Yes, even though I am super nervous I really would enjoy this greatly... My friends all think I am crazy and a couple of them are envious. In fact, I apparently have about 5 people who want to get smuggled there in my suitcase/pocket...
Anyways, getting the application in has been a long process and it was suggested that I make this blog for talking about what happens and to raise money.... Okkk, I don't care if no one but family will read it...though I am sure it will be pretty interesting.

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